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Cambridge School’s Student Council is one of many opportunities given to our students to cultivate their leadership skills. We believe leadership skills help students to become confident, responsible learners. These skills also provide students with the opportunity to make a real difference. Members of our Student Council are dedicated to implementing positive change, whilst also working passionately to make a difference in the broader local community.


To this end, the purpose of Cambridge’s Student Council is to encourage student involvement in issues within and around the school. We feel it is important that the views of all students are responsibly voiced and listened to.


Put simply, the Student Council is a student led force aimed at improving Cambridge school and the local community.


Our Student Council is elected at the start of each academic year and members are voted for by their fellow pupils. Any pupil can put themselves forward to serve on the council and there is at least one representative from each class.

Our School Council meets twice a month. During School Council meetings a number of ideas and concerns are usually raised and discussed. Councilors then take a vote on what they would like to take action on. For instance, within the first term of 2018/19 councilors elected to focus on the quality of school dinners. Accordingly, they created a questionnaire which they shared with the whole school, the results of which were shared and discussed with our head-teacher. Within the second term of this year, our councilors elected to meet with volunteers from Team London Young Ambassador's programme to work on a community project. The School Council organized a very successful food-bank collection as a result of this. The donations from this collection were distributed to the Kensington and Chelsea food bank located at the Notting-Hill Methodist Church. Currently our councilors are focusing on the outside areas of the school, an area identified by students as having scope for development.

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